efficiency redefined

Manufacturing Facility:


All the “Efficiency Re – Defined” products of Ensys are manufactured in our own Factory at Wadki, in Pune.

The factory is fully equipped with all the latest Tools & Tackles required for assembly & manufacturing of all the products.


The factory is managed by a Senior Engineer along with well trained Technicians, who are responsible not only for Production but also for Quality.

The unique feature of Ensys Factory is the Test Bay created for testing Heat Pumps. On this test bay, all the En-Saver’s are tested for all the parameters like gas pressures & temperatures at all the stages of the Heat Pump as well as Capacity & mainly COP or Efficiency. No unit leaves the factory unless and until it is tested for compliance of rated parameters.

Quality Management:

At Ensys topmost priority is given to Quality at every stage of Manufacturing starting from- Receiving parts, Assembly, Leak tests and finally Performance Test.

Test Bay:

It is very important to test the Heat Pumps once it is assembled, not only for finding out the COP/Efficiency, but to ensure that the Gas Profile at all stages of working Cycle is as per Design parameters, because if the Gas profile is not as per operating envelope of the Compressor, the Heat Pump will work but the Compressor may get flooded and after some time it may fail or the Heat Pump will work at less COP/Efficiency.

Keeping this in mind Ensys has created a special Testing Facility to test all the En-Saver’s. The units are tested not only for Capacity/COP but also for all the Safety Features.

test bay
Description of Test Bay:

The test bay has a 1000 Liters fully insulated Hot Water Tank. This tank has all the inlet & outlet connections, with all the necessary valves and instrumentation. It also has a specially designed PLC Control Panel. The test bay also has a flow meter attached to the circuit. Once the En-Saver is ready, it gets attached to the Test Bay with all the connections done to the tank and to the Control Panel. The tank is filled with cold water and then the unit to be tested is started. Every 5-10 minutes depending on the capacity, readings are taken and then tabulated to see the Test Results. The PLC control Panel has all the inputs like Input Power Meter / Power Factor Correction Meter / Temperature & Pressure Sensing Meters, so as soon as the unit is connected to the Panel all the readings can be taken easily.