Working Cycle
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Hot Water System - En-Saver:

En-Saver is an Air Source Heat Pump and is used to generate Hot Water with a very high efficiency. It takes heat from the ambient air and electricity given to the compressor and gives combined heat to cold water to heat it. For each unit of electricity consumed it generates four units of Heat Energy.

En-Saver consumes very less energy compared to any other energy source, thus it is Environment Friendly and contributes to a "Greener World" or the "Green Initiative". These are completely automated units.

En-Saver is an Air to Water heat pump designed specifically for Water Heating Applications.

Design Criteria of Heat Pumps:

While configuring the Heat Pump Design, it is very important to understand and select the right components like:

  • Compressor and its Operating Envelope
  • Refrigerant Gas
  • Evaporating and Condensing Temp of Gas
  • Pressure conditions of Gas
  • Evaporator Capacity
  • Condenser – Type and Capacity
  • Fan Capacity
  • Safety’s for Compressor
  • Logical Controller
  • Working Cycle – Control Parameters
Advantages of En-Saver:
  1. Lower Running Costs
  2. Very Less Space Requirement
  3. Comparable Initial Investment with other systems
  4. Zero Pollution Product
  5. Very safe to operate
  6. Completely Automated System – Less Manpower
Safety Features of En-Saver
  • Single & Reverse Phase Prevention
  • High & Low Pressure of Gas Cut Off
  • Water Side - No Flow Trip
  • Hot Water Temp. Settings
  • Pump / Fan / Compressor On – Off Sequence
Coefficient of Performance - Efficiency
  • Technical COP = Heat Output / Heat Input
  • Financial COP = Cost per liter of HW with EnSaver / Cost per liter of HW for a specific Heat Source

Running Cost of 100 Liters of Hot Water generation & Comparison of Financial COP’s against different Heat Sources.

COP En-Saver Diesel Gas Electricity
Running Cost for 100 Liters of Hot Water Generation. (Rs.) 7.00 22.00 28.00 32.00
Financial COP against EnSaver 0.32 0.25 0.20